Thursday, November 21, 2019

Managing Personal and Organisational Changes Essay

Managing Personal and Organisational Changes - Essay Example This means that management and change skills will determine the nature of actions taken by a manager in dynamic situations. From a theoretical perspective, change management needs substantial utilisation of appropriate planning and implementation tools. According to Dobson and Woodward (2012), failure to employ appropriate techniques in managing change results in underachievement, and shortcomings resulting from missed objectives. Therefore, leaders and individuals involved in change management should be thoroughly equipped with relevant knowledge or experience. Relevant knowledge is usually available in college and university course works involving change management. In this regard, change management theories find significant application even in practical situations. Change management takes into consideration numerous aspects of organisational structure and typical cultures. Organisations comprise employees, stakeholders and consumers of either products or services. These parties ar e usually sensitive to changes that may affect their part in the organisation. On the other hand, organisations need to adjust and adapt to changing business environments in order to cope with new developments. ... In such cases, a leader should possess relevant professional skills coupled with intuitive personal skills in order to manage change. Change processes are systematic and sensitive situations that require thorough analysis of underlying problems. Careful analysis ensures that managers can objectively identify the need for change, and the processes meant to achieve desired changes. In this context, any objective change should be rational, measurable and achievable. Analysis of Case Study After planning change steps, organisational managers will have to depend on employees to implement desired adjustments. In this regard, managers need to objectively analyse imminent situations and communicate findings to the subordinates and stakeholders. Cameron (2004) states that thorough analysis will enable people to understand the need for change; hence they can participate in creating new structures. At this juncture, this essay seeks to demonstrate the application of change management theories a nd models within practical situations. In September 2012, universities in England had plans to raise tuition fees to approximately ?9,000 annually. These plans raged amid tremendous budget slices by the government to institutions of higher learning. The UK government is encouraging universities across the nation including Scottish, Welch and Irish institutions to consider raising their tuition fees. This plan is in line with the government’s strategy of striving to reduce utilisation of taxpayer’s money in learning practices, and in turn leave the burden with the student population. In the past, government allowed English universities to charge approximately ?3,300 per year. In this context, it is evident that new charges of ?9,000 amount to a major change

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